Cast of Characters

Me: The guy getting the stem cell transplant. Age 56. Of a somewhat philosophical bent, I am married, with a son and a dog.

Other cast members did not ask to be in these confessions, so I will refer to them only by their initials, including The Dog even though he has no concern for his reputation and has no secrets.

BF: My wife of 27 years, and my chief source of advice and support throughout it all. A primary school teacher.

MF: My son, 16 years old. A computer game and skiing enthusiast.

The Dog: He is thought by some to be the world’s leading canine authority on the Frankfurt School of critical social theory. Believed to have opinions about what Adorno might have meant (in section 153 of Minima Moralia) about viewing the world in a messianic light, he is behaviorally disposed to follow the injunction of Wittgenstein at end of the Tractus and remain silent.

Update as of June 24, 2017: WhenI first posted this blog I was eager to keep it anonymous. I did not state my name, Darrel Moellendorf, and I was wisely advised by a friend that my dog, Rex, was so famous as the world's leading canine authority on the Frankfurt School that if I stated his name I would immediately be identified. Hence, the mystery throughout even about his name. I leave my wife and son as designated by BF and MF for the reason stated above.

First Thoughts and Second Opinions

Dedication and Disclaimer