Dedication and Disclaimer

I am writing this blog so that my dear friends and family can follow my treatment. I have chosen to remain anonymous. Should I decide to go public, it will be obvious on the front of the blog. In meantime, please refer to me as “D”, “D-Dude,” “His Royal D-ness,” or something similar of an approximately equivalent intensity of affection.

I look forward to hearing from you all in the comments section. Your well wishes, greetings, prayers, and hurrays are most welcome. I can’t anticipate how hard this might be. Forgive me my whining, should it come to that. The risks are real, but the good doctors are optimistic and so am I. I look forward to finishing this blog in full health.

You know that I am predisposed to be of a philosophical bent. That bent will, I am sure, make itself apparent in the blog. For those who take offense at something I say, I am sorry. I mean no offense. I have opinions, but they are not meant to disparage the views of others. This also is not a piece of professional philosophy, but a personal confession, go easy on me gentle readers trained in philosophy. Let’s discuss as friends who are free to disagree and who do not have the inclination at the time of writing to grab the authoritative books off the shelf or to ensure that every modus ponens is not a fallacy of affirming the consequent. We are stumbling along in the half-light trying to understand and navigate our path, and we are fortunate to have fellow travelers with whom we can discuss.

Ernst Bloch reminds us: “The lived darkness is so strong that it is not even confined to its most immediate nearness. Instead it also has an influence in its environment, in the time adjoining the just Now, and the in the space adjoining the just Here. This influence prevents experientially real nearness, particularly as an occurring one, from achieving proper and reassuring distance, that is from being contemplated in the usual fashion.”

And Leonard Cohen reminds us: “There’s a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”

To my family BF and MF, I love you very much. To my extended family, father, sister, brother, nieces, and nephews and their children. I love you guys too. To my friends, I am fortunate to have you in my life. Let’s have a big damn party when this is over!

Update as of June 24, 2017: The invisibility cloak has been lifted. If you would like to refer to me by name you may. Thanks for keeping in anonymous for so long!

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