Day +1

There’s little to report on the first day with the new stem cells floating around inside. The transfusion raised my counts above the scarily low level. Gone is the vague bad taste in my mouth and the fuzzy head of chemo. Fatigue and mild nausea unfortunately remain powerful forces pulling me to the bed today. I did get my exercise routine in, but I may have over done it. I feel like I’ve run a marathon. Well, I don’t actually know what that feels like. But I am exhausted. My appetite is not very strong, but maybe the food here has something do with that.

I have developed strong aversions. After the chemo I haven’t been able to face the two bags of potato chips that BF brought me. So much so that I had put them away in the closet. I can’t drink sparkling water anymore. And worse yet, one of the two mouth washes I am required to use four times a day is disgusting to me.

I also for the first time felt confined today. After only a week in this room, I feel like busting out. Don’t worry lack of energy keeps from doing anything stupid. The janitor told me that when patients’ counts are high enough for them to walk in the halls, they are allowed to go to a little window and breathe the fresh air through their masks. I dream of that window.

Day +2

Day 0