Day +3

Those were such great and supportive comments yesterday. The dripping of the clocks, the new beginning, and even the reading suggestions (which had always been my intention until my powers of concentrations seemed compromised). Thank you very much! I will follow Bohunka’s and LT’s suggestion and continue to say a few words.

Whereas the first two days after the transplant were a difficult period of re-adjustment to further waiting, today was a good day. Lovely and sunny outside. I awoke feeling fine. My energy was slightly less than the day before, and that proved to be due to lower hemoglobin levels. The doctor decided it was time for another transfusion. Now with two new bags of blood, I’m gassed and ready to roll for a couple of days.

The doctor’s visit was very encouraging. It’s far too early to tell if anything is going on in the re-building department, but he was happy with how stable things are and with the lack of complications thus far. That, he thought, bode well.

I did a slightly lighter than usual exercise routine and then committed myself fully to being in recovery mode. This was the first day since entering the hospital that I felt so completely relaxed. It was a treat! In the afternoon BF and MF came for a visit and we watched most of The Blues Brothers together. The two of them sitting with gowns and masks on and me lounging in between. It would have been a nice family picture!


Day +4

Day +2