Day +8

Today has been low energy. All the counts are falling. That includes the hemoglobin; so I am very anemic, leaving me with a lack of gumption. I did get in a very easy bike riding session. By doctor’s orders I can’t break a sweat because my platelets are so low that bleeding in the head could result. That would mess up my plans. The nurses are very strict, even scolding, about this. When I got out of the shower I dried myself with one of the coarse towels they provide—I’ve come to like the coarseness due to a side effect that makes my skin itch. After that when I put the industrial strength moisturizer on my skin I notice that I was bleeding in two spots. Low platelets once again.

The day consisted mostly of resting, watching The Office (American version), and reading Anna Karenina. By the end of the day my doctor decided to give me a platelet transfusion. So they hoisted a bag of pale yellow-orange liquid that looked a bit like watered down dahl and connected me to it via an IV. The doctor explained that this would allow more exercise tomorrow. But unless they also feed me a couple of bags of red, I  might not feel much up to it. That, I suspect, will happen tomorrow.





Day +9

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