Day +13

I was chilly and tired again today. Chilly not due to a fever, thankfully, but like the fatigue due to the anemia. I got in a record three naps. Everyone who has been urging me take it easy should be very pleased! I don’t take-it-easy very well. But the fatigue has been slamming me hard enough that I haven't really had a choice.

The doctor, a very tall young man, with glasses, and a brown beard under his surgical mask, paid me a visit. He said that everything looks to be on track. All that we can do presently is wait for the stem cells to graft and fight back the side effects that arise. My throat is very sore, which makes eating difficult. The itching is bearable with the antihistamine. And the fatigue just requires me to rest. I did do some reading for my Bloch reading group tonight. I also rode the bicycle for a mere 15 minutes and had a nice visit with BF at lunch time.

Day +14

Day +12