Day +15

I awoke in my spacious double room today. But I felt vaguely nauseous, chilly, and completely exhausted all day. I argued with myself about riding the bike, but finally dragged myself up on the saddle and rode for an easy 15 minutes. I lay down for an hour or so after morning routine was finished and then again after lunch, which I could barely eat. I spent most of the day in bed. Nobody is worried about this. The doctor has ordered a red blood transfusion, which I thought for days I’d be getting. I should feel a bit better tomorrow.

The nurse who manages the stem cell transplant and also the release of patients from the unit came by. She’s been kind and sympathetic throughout. When I checked into the unit she said to me “I’ll see you three weeks.” Three weeks and a day later she came by to talk to me about my release! She wasn’t sure when—we’ll follow the counts—but she mentioned that she was away the first three days of next week; so she needed to come by today in case I’m not here by the time she returns. During the conversation I sat there marveling that we were having a discussion about my release.

How will it be after I’ve been home for about 6 month when life will be getting back to normal? I’ve lived with the first disease for 18 years until it morphed into the more serious one last year. Will I walk more lightly free of the shadow of disease? Will the future seem more open ended? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to finding out.


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