Day +16

As I expected I felt a great deal better today after yesterday’s transfusion. All this vampire needs to keep running is a little blood.

I made it to that window today. Although it wasn’t quite like the characters busting out Cuckoo’s Nest, it felt pretty damn good. The window is in a large kitchenette. The sky was blue, and up on the 11th floor the wind comes pouring in. It allows for a view in the opposite direction from the windows of my two rooms. I looked down over the brown-green river and out to the radiant sky scrapers on the other side. Light reflections shimmered busily off the buildings and were captured in the dull river. It’s still early spring here, and trees have for the most part not yet budded. That permitted gazing far into the distance. Some ways away I could see the town where I live. I wondered what friends and family were doing at that moment. On the river there was plenty of commercial boat traffic, and along the river people were strolling with and without dogs. A work day for some and day rest for others. I walked up and down the hall several times, but I kept coming back to that window, the cool, fresh air, and the warm, bright sunlight. Tomorrow I might be allowed to go downstairs and out the doors.

Things are moving quickly for a possible release next week. Today the doctor spoke of releasing me “on vacation” on Monday afternoon to go home for the night and then to return for the day on Tuesday and then home again finally that evening. This is all contingent on further growth in the counts, but all of sudden it seems upon us. It may all be too quick for BF. She is concerned that the house is not yet sufficiently clean, and she is hobbled by a head cold that she doesn’t want to transmit to me. So, I’ll see tomorrow what the doctors recommend.


Day +17

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