Home Update

After visiting the doctors today they continued my “vacation” till Friday, which is now my official check-out day. My counts continue to improve. My leukocytes are already in the normal range. Hemoglobin continues to rise. I’m only moderately anemic. And the platelets lag behind but also are on the rise. None of this could have been predicted a week ago. It seems that I have some super-charged stem cells!

There’s a lot I still would like to write, but honestly I’ve just been too tired these last two days. Ordinary life, even in resting mode, is exhausting! How do you all do it? BF and I went for a 2 km walk along the river today while waiting for my blood results and afterwards I needed to take a 2 hour nap! Even though I was exercising a bit in the hospital, walking during the day in there consisted of getting up and going to the bathroom and back. I didn’t cover much distance over those 25 days.

BF is keeping me on the straight narrow with regard to all the rules. She even tattled to my doctor today that I mistakenly ate blueberries with my granola yesterday! (Thou shalt not eat fresh fruit that hasn’t been peeled.) Imagine my humiliation.

I will be writing more at some point in the coming few days. If you’re interested, keep checking in.



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