Invisibility Cloak Lifted & Circulating My Healthcare Posts

The cloak has been lifted. This blog is no longer anonymous. I blasted it to my Facebook friends yesterday. If you would like to refer to me by name and tell others about it, you may. Thanks for keeping in anonymous for so long! And if you were a commentator and would like to identify yourself, you may. I never intended that you be anonymous, but I see that it helped preserve my anonymity, and you may have in any case preferred to be anonymous. It certainly made some of the discussions very intriguing to me, as I have never been completely sure who some of you are, although I assumed almost all of you know who I am.

You can call The Dog by his name, Rex. We should give him his due as the world's canine authority on the Frankfurt School. But let's stick with BF and MF for those two. I am not sure what to think about the ethics of memoirs. It seems a bit unfair to me that people who are just living their lives should find their thoughts, feelings, and actions made public. Besides that, those two could get really pissed off at me.

Finally, with the Senate about to vote very soon on an important and unjust healthcare bill, if you think it might be helpful to forward any of my posts about healthcare, please do. I ask only that you attribute them to me and that you cite the blog address.

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